Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s La Boîte-en-valise and Caribbean curator Claire Tancons’s notion of the carnival, our show akes the form of a circulatory exhibition-in-a-box. We assembled 20 boxes that each hosts eight artworks, reimagined for the novel format. The “parade” of artworks, ideas, and emotions will take place in homes across the world — each box will migrate between multiple recipients, who are invited to install the exhibition in personal spaces and, after viewing the show, return the box so it may be sent to the next recipient. The first batch of boxes will be sent to those who the artists and organizers hold dear. By initiating outward, spontaneous movements, the box seeks to destabilize the calcified structures that the loop has imposed on our lives and prompt imaginations of alternative ways of being and connecting through its playful, participatory presentation.

Do-Until Loop Parade Distribution Map