Fernando Sancho (b. 1966) is a photographer and video artist who creates photo books, exhibitions, and documentaries. He received a BA from the University for the Creative Arts in the UK. He is currently pursuing a career as an Editorial & Advertising Photographer. Sancho uses his practice to connect to the world around him and record lived experiences. His work is inspired by the individuals and communities he encounters in his daily life. Understanding creativity as a way of life, he documents the everyday in ways that strike a balance between aesthetics and content.

A Highrise Laundry Room (2020)

Film, 22:28 min.
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4 x 6 in

A Highrise Laundry Room is a single-channel video that portrays the lived experiences of six housekeepers who work for the residents of a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan, New York. These subjects perform the same mechanical, repetitive tasks as part of their daily labors. In the film, Fernando Sancho stages a series of interviews with these individuals in the building’s laundromat. At ease with the camera, they share intimate stories about their lives. Thus, the film grants insight into the rich histories and unique experiences of immigrants, offering a reflection on identity, visibility, and community. The loop’s depersonalizing routines render immigrant housekeepers’ affective labor largely invisible. Nonetheless, through conversations driven by curiosity and empathy, the violence of the loop could be remedied.  

Isolated Sound

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