Hyemi Kim (b. 1992) is a South Korean multimedia artist based in New York and Seoul. She received an MFA and a BFA in Painting from Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea. Her work has been shown on the screens of Times Square and in several group shows in NYC. She participated in the 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism and the 2016 Asian Student & Young Artist Art Fair. In recent years, she has created numerous video and photo collages that playfully reflect on scattered memories and the disjointed experience of living between two countries.

City Collage (2019)

Posters, glue, scissors, QR card
Film 2:15 min
8.5 x11 in,  4 x 6 in

City Collage is a series of short video collages that juxtapose images taken from New York and Seoul to construct hybrid, animated cityscapes. Through these collages, Hyemi Kim addresses the feelings of placelessness and alienation experienced by diasporic populations. At the same time, they also convey a hopeful dimension. With fragments from different places, Kim composes a new reality that speaks to her immigrant identity. In its current iteration, Kim pairs the video with a participatory collage activity, prompting us to create our own City Collage as an exercise in reimagining the landscapes of our cities and identities. The work also inspires us to break through the impasse and insularity of the loop to envision fantastical and futuristic public spaces.

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