Jinglin Wang (b. 1994) is a New York-based video artist. She received a BFA in Fine Art and Digital Media from Shanghai International Studies University in Shanghai. In June 2020, her work was featured as part of ZAZ10TS-ZAZCORNER :Seven Dreams, a New York digital gallery that exhibits artwork on a giant LED billboard in Times Square. Through video and photography, Wang is interested in tracking how the human body develops and changes in response to its surrounding environment. Her process involves documenting and sequencing images of her subjects into time lapses to produce intimate portraits of the body in space and time.

24 Hours Older (2020)

Booklet, QR card
5.5 x 8.5 in, 4 x 6 in

“Time is everywhere. It never stops.” -Jinglin Wang

24 Hours Older is a photographic series that consists of close-up shots of human bodies. For each work in the series, Jinglin Wang spent 24 hours with another person, taking a picture every hour of a single bodily detail, such as a wrinkle, a scar, or a stretch mark—the imperfections that accumulate as we age. Presented here as an artist’s booklet, these images are accompanied by short texts that offer glimpses into the subjects’ personal histories—an act of care that mirrors the images’ intimacy and tenderness. The work reminds us that our bodies express a temporality that transcends the loop’s control, overwriting its logic with growth, repair, and decay that attest to the uncertainties and uniqueness of our lived experience.

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