Po Han Huang (b. 1992) is a photography and installation-based artist currently living in Taiwan. He received a BFA in Performing Arts from the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. His artwork has previously been exhibited at the Taiwanese Annual Art Fair. Huang’s practice employs his personal photography to explore notions of distance, loss, nostalgia, and renewal. His recent work aims to excavate intimate experiences by mining the ruins of history and memory and highlights the importance of personal archiving.

To you, to me, to whom (2020)

Postcards, QR card
4 x 6 in

To you, to me, to whom consists of postcards with snapshots of scenery that the artist took in Taiwan before moving to New York. Huang’s work is a visualization of his mind, embodying the processes of remembering and letting go. The postcards constitute an archive of memories printed and sent off into the world in an effort to not only reconcile with the past but also to process and express suppressed emotions. The work thus contemplates the significance of engaging memories despite the loop’s demands for constantly marching forward. These postcards are originally part of Huang’s MFA thesis piece Reverberation of Memory (2020), a multimedia installation that enlivens mnemonic images with sounds and light to hauntingly animate memories.

Do-Until Loop Parade